(English) APAC Regional Meeting 2014 held in Seoul

The new AIMS International Partners for China, Singapore and the Philippines were present.

AIMS International had its Partners’ meeting in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for 2014 in Seoul, Republic of Korea, March 6th and 7th. As the APAC region continues to grow and become more integrated with the rest of the world, the business focus and strategies should continually be aligned and renewed for AIMS International and its partners, especially in the region. AIMS International holds its annual APAC meeting in major business hubs — Sydney 2012, and Tokyo in 2013 for example — where partner firms are based. Thus Singapore — the home of AIMS International Singapore — will be hosting the APAC regional meeting in 2015. Global AIMS International clients have been and will be taking part in the meetings to present their needs to AIMS International partners as their global Executive Search and Talent Management provider.

In the last 6 months AIMS International moved quickly to team up with new quality partners in China and Singapore when the previous partners had to leave suddenly in 2013, by inviting ‘The People At Work’ to serve clients in these countries with additional coverage of the Philippines. The top representatives from the new partners expressed their visions and commitment for the AIMS International values and strategies presented and discussed, as value-adding partners of the AIMS International partnership. Kevin Wallis, Executive Vice President APAC Region of AIMS International, who has been spearheading the work to invite The People At Work, will continue his effort to identify and invite additional strong partner firms in other strategic countries and regions, such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. At least two more partners will be pursued to join the AIMS International APAC partnership within the next 12 months to extend the services to its international clients.

AIMS Internationals strategy renewal initiative, lead by the new managing board elected last year, was presented to and refined by the participating partners, after going through the same process with AIMS International EMEA partners in last autumns meeting in Helsinki, Finland. With a particular emphasis on the spirit of value-adding partnership, the renewed strategy clearly defined future directions and coherent guidelines for the organization to the benefit of its clients. APAC partners unanimously supported the new strategic direction and urged a set of implementation plan to be articulated. The new strategy initiative will be endorsed by all partners of AIMS International, with additional follow-up measures anticipated to be discussed and added to the benefit of its clients. AIMS International APAC partners cited such example implementation elements as mutual information technology and extended preferred supplier agreements.

In line with the global strategic framework, AIMS International APAC partners, under the leadership of EVP Kevin Wallis, focused on further strengthening the quality of cross-border projects under the umbrella of a unified key account management principle. On another front of more dynamic business drive, the APAC partners also agreed to intensify their contribution in the AIMS International global industry teams, in accordance of individual capacity and interests, such as IT, finance, automotive, FMCG, and industrial teams. In these roles, the APAC partners will spearhead the vertical knowledge development in the region, while maintaining close collaboration with the counterpart partners in the respective global industry teams.

From today on Hansuk Kim (Korea) will lead the APAC region in the IT and Telecoms Team, Katsusuke Yokota (Japan) in the Financial Services Team, Adarsh Matta (India) in the Automotive Team and Kevin Wallis (Australia) in the Industrial, Engineering and Logistics Team.

Hansuk_KimThe meeting was facilitated for the participating AIMS International Partners by Hansuk Kim, Managing Director at AIMS International Korea.

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