The vice president of AIMS International visits Athens

The Vice President of AIMS INTERNATIONAL, Mr Rolf Heeb, visited Athens from the 25th to the 26th of June. Mr Heeb had the opportunity to meet large Greek companies, with international presence in the countries where AIMS INTERNATIONAL is active. This visit reflects the interest of AIMS INTERNATIONAL for the development of Greece as a regional center of many multinational companies, for their expansion mainly in Eastern Europe, and in some areas of Middle East and North Africa, as well as for the significant development in these countries of a large number of Greek multinationals. The Partner of AIMS International in Greece is PRIAMOS S.A., a company which operates on the Greek market for the last 21 years, headed by the President and Managing Director Mr. Evangelos Marneris. Mr Rolf Heeb?s visit to Athens reflects the importance of the Greek office of AIMS INTERNATIONAL, for its geographical position perspectives, as well as for the recognition of the successful development of PRIAMOS S.A.