The Strategic HR Summit interviews Mr Rolf Heeb from AIMS International

With leadership challenges and development being in focus at Strategic HR Business Platform 2011, Mr. Rolf Heeb, President of AIMS International, gave an interview as one of the key note speakers.

Mr. Heeb, you are one of the speakers at Strategic HR Business Platform this year, why do you think it is important to address the topic of leadership?
Companies are focusing again on growth strategies after the period of financial crisis and restructuring. There is an increasing need for global operating organizations in particular to managing talents and developing current and future leaders. In several industry segments we see an increasing shortage of such leaders and a growing demand for managers capable to scope with international requirements.
As a worldwide operating Executive Search and Talent Management firm we work very closely with clients to develop the HR business into a strategic role in order to identify long term leadership requirements. Identifying the current capabilities of an organization and developing strategies to meet the future requirements is the challenge for the leaders in the upcoming years. This is even more a challenge because the globalization is an ongoing process with still a lot of uncertainties for many organizations.

What do you see as the consequences of not investing resources in leadership?
Mainly long term competitive disadvantages compared to organizations which focus on it. The ”best will only work for the best” is a statement which will become a differentiator for the well managed organizations. Employers branding will become a strategic advantage in the war for the best talents at different management levels in an organization.

Would you say that the leadership challenges have changed from 5 years ago?
Five years ago a lot of managers have not had the experienced of an economic downturn as we had it in 2009 and in some counties we still have. Because of the reactions to the crisis strategically management was not the focus but surviving was key. Therefore currently there is a move again to more strategically thinking.

In general leadership will have to integrate more change management, cultural integration and diversity issues then it has been ever before. This is with the development of managers but also when hiring managers from the outside.

What case are you looking forward to the most at this year’s Strategic HR Business Platform?
There are a number of very good and interesting topics on the agenda where I am very much looking forward to exchange experiences with other experts. The topics presented by SAS best practice in strategic competence planning and VELUX best practice in Global Leadership Competencies I would like not to miss.

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