The 2010 Executive Search Consulting Conference

AIMS International Vice President, John Poracky, took part in the Search Firm Panel Discussion:


– Robert M. Callan Jr., Partner, Callan Associates, Ltd.
– Donna Gaines, President & CEO, Gaines International
– Mary Kier, CEO – Executive Search, Cook Associates, Inc.
– John Poracky, President AIMS-U.S. and Vice President, AIMS International

John Poracky, Vice President of AIMS International and President of AIMS International US MIDWEST, has been working as an Executive Search Partner and Consultant since 1988. He joined AIMS back in 1999 when he was with M. Wood Company and became a board member in 2004. In 2007 he was elected as the Vice President of AIMS International. Poracky is the Head of AIMS International’s Global Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Life Science Practice Team. Poracky entered the search profession after acquiring extensive financial services, operational and IT experience. He has also introduced AIMS services to global companies, ultimately securing global Preferred Supplier Agreements.

Poracky’s track record includes 29 years in senior management advisory services, strategic development, operations management, consulting, marketing and search. Early in his career, Poracky was one of the founders of South Lake National Bank. He later served as a senior consultant for Bank of America and Deloitte & Touche where he advised Fortune 1000 companies on strategic planning, operations review, IS planning, management assessment, and software solutions. In his 22 years as a Consultant, he has played an integral role in the transformation of many organizations. His thought leadership provides unique solutions to a wide range of management issues. Today, Poracky’s reach is global and focus is on furthering the role AIMS International plays in the executive retained search business here in the United States and specifically in the Midwest as he already established offices in IN, IL and WI.

Specifically, Poracky has worked with global clients including Atos Medical, Baxter International, Deloitte, WebMD (Formerly known as Healtheon), Misys Healthcare Systems, Perot Systems and Unisys to name a few. Poracky has filled a broad range of senior level (i.e. Directors, Vice President, C-level and Board level) healthcare positions across all functions.