Study: Efficient competencies for Board Members – 2

September 5th, 2012 – Vienna, Austria – AIMS International has launched the first issue of its international study about the most efficient competencies for Board Members.

Part one of the Executive Summary dealt with the importance and signals of the Sense of Ethics. Find hereafter the Executive Summary – Part II.

Executive Summary – Part II

The second behavior in importance is the Strategic Thinking. The desired behavior from the director is in the quality of the question that they will ask the management team. Questions asked should help to improve the quality of the strategic plan and to monitor its implementation. It is the ability to make decisions with limited amount of information and to properly assess the risks involved. An undesired behavior is a micro-management attitude, where the director is giving direct orders on how to execute an action. In this case, the management will take responsibility for bad results.

The Commitment and Sense of Responsibility is an important behavior but this element has greatly improved over the last 15 years. Today, there is more transparency and the stakeholders are more informed if a director is not performing.

Judgment is the fourth behavior and it revealed a surprising result when we looked further into the responses. The desired behavior is the ability to keep a strong independence of mind and the ability to correctly assess new situations. The director must be resilient and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Good Judgment is perceived as an innate behavior and it can be developed through the years. Judgment revealed a surprising result when we looked further into the responses. When we asked the interviewees to select the two most valued behaviors amongst the six, the interviewees selected Judgment in 83 % of the time, even higher than Strategic Thinking and Sense of Ethics which were selected 60 % and 43 % of the time respectively. Therefore, Judgment is the number one behavior we should be seeking when recruiting a new director… (to be continued in the next days.)

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