NEW Ideas for New Challenges – AIMS International Conference in Prague

Author: Natasha Ivanovska, Business Development Manager, AIMS Human Capital Macedonia* *Based on the PR material released by AIMS International HQ We live in a world of constant and accelerated change. Challenges change the way companies are run, the necessary talent, skills and performance management needed to lead the organizations. Global changes have already been transferred to the local level, the trends and requirements of professionals know less and less boundaries. In addition we represent some of the themes and ideas that were discussed at the Conference of AIMS International for members from Central and Eastern Europe, held in Prague in late November 2009th. The conference offered an opportunity for exchange of experiences faced by managers of human resources and people management in companies. The contents of the event were directed to new ideas and possible solutions to contemporary challenges and the issues presented would put aside the following: 1. Leaders determine the style, approach to work and effectiveness of an organizational culture – and just realized that culture fills or destroys the set strategy. When people feel committed to the same goal, they work hard and with excellent results. When there is no such thing – the commitment is llower, the results also. Leaders really have a great impact on a company – what they do, others follow. Topic as how to be an inspirational leader and how to increase the commitment of employees was presented by Judit Leary-Joyce, founder of Great Companies Consulting. 2. The use of objective assessment tools increases the professional approach in the process of recruitment of staff – through assistance in interviews based on competencies, such as protection from discrimination and subjective assessments of any kind, and up to the elements of engaging the personal account of the new employee in the team, along with the engagement of his skills. The ideas for the usage of the assessment tools and their impact on access to the selection and management of people was presented by Jean – Francois Blain, Senior Consultant SHL (image-display the advantages of using tools). 3. In many companies, the only people who manage the company’s top managers are those who know the strategy and development plans. If you ask people on an executive level if they know the strategy of their company, one can often meet wondered faces. What is the case with your company? Introducing employees to the company’s strategy can help anyone to post their insights and contribution to overall results, helping to move from GOOD to Excellent. Inspirational case study on this subject presented by Hendrik-Jan Guitnik , manager of Human Resources EMEA Belden. 4. Review of the current global labor market shows that fundamental changes are occurring. An open discussion of questions such as “where business leaders will come in the next 10 years? and ?who will be the next major challenges in the process of recruiting?, brought ideas to prepare for the times that come. Discussing the topic “Changes in the global market” was moderated by Rolf Heeb, President of AIMS International. We could conclude that the themes of the conference of AIMS International are very relvant and close to the topics facing our companies in Macedonia. Taking this into consideration, we have no dilemas in the applicability of the basic ideas, for which we will need to provide only the will and commitment to implement them! We hope you liked this short exclusive report from the event in Prague, especially for readers of Global HR.