Interview Checklist

by Robert D. Hennessy

Companies looking for high marks for their candidate care program should be prepared to answer the following questions about their interviewing and hiring process:

❑ How do you define or describe your company’s brand equity?

❑ When candidates are scheduled to visit your company, what documents do you send candidates before their visit?

❑ What “story” does this package tell the candidates?

❑ Does the agenda clearly state the name and title of each interviewer?

❑ Are interview times beyond normal office hours—evening or very early-morning meetings, weekends—considered in the scheduling process?

❑ How and by whom are candidates greeted when they arrive?

❑ How long can candidates expect to wait to be “processed” to gain entrance?

❑ Is there a seamless transition from the time candidates have completed security check-ins to their first appointments?

❑ Have the interviewers prepared their questions prior to the interview?

❑ What is the value proposition for prospective candidates?

❑ How are candidates made to feel comfortable? Is the physical setting appealing?

❑ What percentage of the time allotted for interviewing is spent on small talk? Do the interviewers talk excessively about themselves?

❑ Who is responsible for leading the assessment of candidates’ functional and cultural fit, and for coordinating the feedback?

❑ Is there seamless transition between interview times?

Robert D. Hennessy is president of The Hennessy Group, Managing Partner at AIMS International US – Pharma, and GLOBAL Practice Team Leader – Pharmaceuticals, Health Care and Life Sciences at AIMS International. He can be reached at +1 [267] 984 – 9916. 

© Reprinted from PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE, April 2005 Printed in U.S.A.