Inno Luxury Summit 2012 sponsored by AIMS International

It is with great pleasure that 2012 Inno-luxury Summit came back since the success of the 6th Annual China Luxury Summit 2011. As an ideal brand extension of China’s most significant and compelling luxury event that gathers luxury personnel, celebrities and industrial elites from world top luxury brands, retailers, property developers, law firms and so on, Inno-luxury Summit has started a brand new journey in Shanghai in January 2012.

2012 Inno-luxury Summit has opened a new luxury chapter by means of highlighting series of brainstorming luxury innovation in luxury market. In the wake of ten-year rapid and mature development, high-end Chinese luxury customers become more and more rational and start to focus on their real needs.

Different from that in the past, luxury innovation in the form of creative material utilization, digital marketing, experimental luxury, cross-boundary cooperation, brand extension, on-line luxury retailing have be inevitable trend and issue to be emphasized.Thus, 2012 Inno-luxury Summit was held in Shanghai in the Gran Mélia Hotel to show a whole picture of luxury innovation with the official supports from ESSEC MBA business school, and associations of Walpole and Fondazione Altagamma.

The summit was presented as an interactive platform designed for our industrial friends to share their critical insights, discuss the common interests and form effective networks.

AIMS International industry specialists have years of experience which allows AIMS International to understand the dynamics and trends providing clients with clear insights into this competitive market. AIMS International sponsored this summit to get new first hand information.

Our consultants are active in the following sector segments:

  • Fashion/Luxury
  • Jewelery/watches
  • Lifestyle
  • Multichannel Retail
  • Specialty Retail
  • Private equity