Improved hiring success rate thanks to systematic personality and competencies assessment

By Catherine Librandi

If companies have certainly recognized the importance of social skills for better performance at work, this is unfortunately often not the case at the time of recruitment. AIMS International supports you in this area with the right tools:

Nowadays, companies have realized the importance of human capital, not only in terms of efficiency and performance, but also in terms of well-being and job satisfaction.

Employers have understood that they cannot just rely on know-how, but must pay attention to the human dimension, and more specifically to their own behavior towards employees. The more a firm will understand and adapt itself to the demands and needs of its people, the more it will improve and strengthen its image. And of course the relationship between company and employee begins already during the recruitment process!

Many studies have shown that a person with the right technical skills and the right personality for a specific function will, if motivated by her work and identified with the values of the company, not only enjoy a higher job satisfaction, but work in a more efficient and profitable way. The consequences for employers are clear: the costs associated with staff turnover, absenteeism and the inadequacy of people with their roles will decrease and productivity will improve significantly.

Unfortunately there is an opposite trend that companies are not always aware of in recruitment. Indeed, most hiring managers focus exclusively on the technical skills of the candidates and not enough on their personality. This is due to the structure and size of many firms which lead to a desire to minimize objective risks. Nevertheless, numerous studies have confirmed, that in order to ensure an optimal match between the candidate and the job function, it is necessary to consider a wider range of parameters such as the personality style and the motivation of the employee as much as the technical skills.

In order to help you to make the right choice and reduce the risk of costly errors in the selection, AIMS International offers you a wide range of assessment tools, such as the OPQ32r SHL-Test, which provides a comprehensive inventory of the style of personality, as well as other types of questionnaires which allow to evaluate and measure technical skills and motivation.

The purpose of these tests is to predict in a more certain and effective way if the person has the right skills and personality to fill a specific job and eliminate doubts.

Our Talent Management team is also able to provide support and advice at different times of the professional life of employees, for example in the evaluation of their potential or through “team building” programs.

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