Executive Search – How Global Practice Teams can make a difference

by Grégoire Depeursinge, Global Practice Team Leader Industrial, Engineering & Logistics at AIMS International (Switzerland) Ltd.

September 8, 2011. Most Executive Search organizations try to answer the ritual question “What industry are you specialized in?” by creating Industry Practice Groups in order to be able to cater to the needs of all customers. Unfortunately, these Practice Groups very often exist for marketing purposes only and have no real activity whatsoever…

The headhunter’s real expertise lies in his ability to apprehend and understand a great variety of business situations, to research the right talent, often on a multinational basis, and to evaluate the fit between candidate and customer, not in his technical knowledge of a particular industry… but there comes a time when detailed knowledge of an industry cluster helps to accelerate the process and access top-level contact networks. This is where the Global Industry Practice Teams come in.

At AIMS International, all Practice Teams are organized in a similar way with a Global Team Leader, three Regional Leaders (EMEA, ASIA/PACIFIC, AMERICAS) and members in selected countries. This organizational structure guarantees optimum coordination. To further enhance cooperation within the group, regional and global telephone conferences take place on a monthly basis and the different teams meet physically and exchange best practices at the quarterly regional and yearly global AIMS meetings. The Global teams support clients and consultants worldwide by:

  • Sharing their industry expertise and technical knowledge
  • Using their industry-specific network to support search activities
  • Gathering data about local market conditions, compensation levels, etc.
  • Sharing information about top-candidates
  • Supporting global and local business development efforts
  • Working together across multiple locations on specific assignments using web 2.0 tools for perfect coordination

When Practice Teams really work together, they can add value and make a difference for the client!

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