Executive Jobs abound on African continent with International Companies

Leonie Pentz, new Partner to AIMS International in South Africa and owner of Talent Juncture is no stranger to AIMS International or the South African recruitment industry. Her career history includes being Business Development Manager (BDM) and later Operations Executive for the previous AIMS International Partner in South Africa. She met with Rolf Heeb, the President of AIMS International, for the first time in 2005. At the time he was EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) Head for AIMS International and Leonie BDM for a management recruitment firm. Leonie immediately recognized the lucrative opportunity an international partnership with a reputed and well established head hunting organization such as AIMS International brings and the benefits this holds for South African companies expanding globally and international companies looking for a footprint in the African market. Rolf, who also owns the highly successful Executive Search firm AIMS International Germany, was suitably impressed with Leonie’s energy and passion for the industry.Talent Juncture therefore was an obvious choice when AIMS International was shopping for a new South African Partner who will also expand the network in other African Countries. Leonie’s business development prowess and top level recruitment acumen will be well suited to take advantage of the opportunities awaiting the African continent in the talent acquisition and development arenas. “African Diaspora need to be given the expat opportunities that are abound on the African continent in industries such as ITC and Energy” says Leonie. Leonie has ample experience placing African Executives in senior posts within South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and even South Sudan from her local office. “I too often hear about local talent leaving the continent to work abroad, blaming inefficient recruitment practices locally as their main reason for leaving!”

“The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) in partnership with the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Agence Française de Development (AFD) recently announced a R55 million capacity building fund to support the Pan-African Capacity Building Programme (PACBP) earmarked to address the scarce skills challenges within infrastructure development in Africa.”[1] This kind of initiative again shows that Africa needs international partnerships in order to grow and transfer skills on the continent. An important aspect of this ideal, however is to recruit effectively. To firstly ensure we give local talent the opportunities they deserve and secondly ensure transfer of international skills where necessary. We constantly receive enquiries from European skilled workers who are willing to do contract work in Africa. Utilising these skills mean we can transfer much needed expertise to our local talent. HR skills in emerging markets are often limited and therefore it makes sense to outsource to firms such as AIMS International when it comes to Talent acquisition and development.” says Pentz.

Rolf Heeb, President of AIMS International, concur that global AIMS International clients often enquire with regards to Executive Search capacity in African countries. “It is a huge benefit for AIMS International to partner with Leonie and her team in South Africa. We see this as a very important, if challenging market for us. South Africa, with its excellent infrastructure and technology is the gateway to Africa. We are immensely excited about the opportunities that someone with her expertise and experience brings with the view of expanding our business across the African continent. Leonie has proven her ability as a project manager and head hunter to us in previous business cases. She will receive our full support in developing the AIMS business in Africa.”