Diversification of Global Strategies of Recruiting Companies

Interview Article by Porters Magazine for Autumn/Winter Issue
Feature Article ‘Diversification of Global Strategies of Recruiting Companies’

Executive Summary of the Interview with Katsusuke Yokota, Representative Director, President, AIMS International Japan Ltd.

Executive Search Firm with a global partnership around the world
“Human Associates Inc., which was concentrating on executive search for foreign companies starting from the establishment of the firm, was hardly hit by Lehman Shock and started developing Japanese clients as a new client base. In the process, we realized more and more Japanese companies are expanding their business outside of Japan, especially in emerging countries such as China and India.

Without overseas network, it was getting difficult for us to respond to their recruiting needs. That is why, when we were approached by the president of AIMS International, we responded ‘We are very interested in joining AIMS international group.’ After several months’ communication, the president of AIMS International Australia came to Tokyo last August to interview us and we were accepted as a member of AIMS International representing Japan. AIMS International is one of top 10 executive search firms in the world, which has 90 offices in 50 countries with 350 consultants in Europe, Middle East, North & South America and the Asia Pacific region.”

Recruitment of Local Executives of Japanese Companies abroad and Executives of Foreign Companies in Japan
“In order to develop business with foreign companies in Japan, AIMS International’s partnership is very useful. When I attended the annual meeting of AIMS International in Brazil last September, I heard a success story from the president of AIMS International Brazil.

AIMS Brazil was appreciated very much by a Brazilian Company, their important client, when AIMS Brazil assisted their overseas recruitment in several counties at the time of their establishment of overseas offices utilizing AIMS International, and they got 50 domestic assignments afterward.

What we are doing now is finding clients of AIMS International which have offices in Japan utilizing information on AIMS International’s intranet in order to contact with them. We want to contribute to other AIMS International members by providing our retained search service to their clients in Japan.

AIMS International Japan Ltd. will provide retained search service, normally charging 1/3 of total fee at the time of signing the agreement, 1/3 at the time of the first interview with prospective candidates and the remaining 1/3 at the time of signing an offer letter.”

Targeting Local Companies planning to expand overseas
“Taking the opportunity of joining AIMS International, we are going to approach Japanese companies in the local area which are planning to expand overseas. We want to assist them in recruiting their local executives overseas and Japanese executives for their overseas departments at the head office.

Our business goal is to achieve 200 million Yen sales for the next fiscal year. We hope to host an AIMS International’s Asia Pacific meeting in Tokyo and hold a seminar for Japanese clients inviting APAC members to provide firsthand information of overseas labor market in each APAC country.”