Difficulties in finding professional managers

Held in Curitiba in late September, the meeting will receive more than forty countries to discuss the executive search

The rise of BRIC and internal crisis in European countries and the United States has raised unemployment rates alarmingly in recent times in these regions. Companies that find themselves in a strong dilemma of spending cuts, have no alternative other than firing employees, selling the company, merging with competitors or to settle in developing countries.

Discussions as The Rise of BRIC and Resumption of the Global Economy will be some of the discussed subjects by more than forty countries, who will meet this year in Brazil, in Curitiba, for the annual meeting of the largest executive search net in the world, AIMS International. Curitiba was chosen to host the event, because the only company that represents it in Brazil, De Bernt Entschev, has its headquarters located in the city.

The network, whose main offered service is the executive search, aims to seek and find the more adequate professionals for each company – service more well-known as the headhunting process. However, economic situation around the world raised a number of issues that will be discussed in this Annual Meeting, between September 21 and 25.

The labor and the professionals, main “commodities” of executive search companies, will try to find the best ways to work around the problems that outside companies have with its professionals, as well as discuss the best alternatives to them, professionals and companies from abroad, can fit into the brazilian and international market.

Bernardo Entschev, president of consulting and executive search company De Bernt Entschev and head of operations of AIMS in Brazil, foreign professionals have great dificulties to adapt to Brazil, and points the language as the main barrier still to be overcome. “In the middle and lower positions of Brazilian companies, the percentage of people who speak another language, especially English, is still very low. This creates a huge communication problem between the manager and the team”.

Among other issues identified by the network of consultants, is the difficulty in finding high-level professionals. “Improving the professionals here to the level considered “executive” is difficult, so they’re sought after and coveted very much,” says Bernardo. The main alternative adopted by outside companies, until now, has been exporting professionals with the company.

However, the problem of bringing workers here still has another aggravating factor, beyond the native and spoken languages. Although the brazilian people accept the foreigners into the business very well, cultural adaptation and remuneration of these professionals has proved another challenge.