Did you know (1)? – AIMS International naming and history

Naming & History In 1993 AIMS was founded by Alain Nervet (France), Carlos F. Ord?s (Spain), Gerd-Peter Rohde (Germany), Kurt Schindler (Switzerland) and Rod Evans (UK). The exactly AIMS foundation date was March 1st, 1993, and the foundation protocol was signed in Paris, in the Escriche Hotel, by the five members mentioned above. The conversations about the idea of founding a new network took place mainly during the second part of 1992. The aim of the founders was to master the challenges of the globalization in the sector of human resources by means of a multi-country-covering partnership on the one hand, and on the other hand to use and maintain the individual strengths of single enterprises. AIMS united national personnel consulting firms from different countries which were active primarily in the area of executive search. Since November 2004 Talent Management has been installed as a second common business sector of the partnership. This topic is still focused in 2009[2] . On May 24th, 2000, the association was registered as AIMS – Associates for International Management Search Verein zur F?rderung der Zusammenarbeit von internationalen Personalberatern. The association is headquartered in Vienna. The decision to change the association?s name to AIMS International was taken by the General Assembly at the Annual General Meeting in Cape Town in 2008. The application was licensed by the register of associations in autumn 2008. AIMS International – Verein zur F?rderung der Zusammenarbeit von internationalen Personalberatern was founded.