AIMS New Partner in Canada

We have the ability to provide services across Canada, in the U.S. and around the world, through a network of partners who share our stringent standards for quality, innovation and concern for each and every client. We work with individuals from a variety of industries and from all levels of an organization. Our staff includes a wide range of experience and personalities to address the unique needs of our clients while providing the best service possible. As a highly skilled third party, we offer significant consulting experience. At Mastel Associates, we have the experience and creativity to come up with new options and the sensitivity to hear what’s not actually being said. We have the objectivity to cut through issues ? real and imagined. The passion to care about finding the best solution for both parties. We have the knowledge and resources to help implement that best solution ? be it improving the existing employment relationship or helping both parties get on with pursuing their separate goals and aspirations. And, we have the integrity to deliver on promises made.