AIMS New partner in Asia

Founded in 2000 in Boston, USA, JLP Consulting is a premier management consultancy firm providing expertise in strategy and performance management. It leads the way in setting the standard for executive coaching in the Philippines. JLP has an established reputation for its distinctive approach to management consulting. It puts strong emphasis on knowledge transfer, capacity building, implementation and localization of international management tools and practices. At every step of the assignment, JLP work side-by side with clients in partnership and in cooperation, facilitating them to make better decisions and to implement effectively.JLP Consulting combines high-value management consulting, expanded capabilities and proven solutions that deliver results. JLP work with a commitment to excellence in project delivery and a clear focus on helping our clients achieve tangible outcomes. JLP helps clients craft and execute winning value growth agendas.Integrated and Participative ApproachJLP Consulting provides an alternative model of consulting to that provided by large consulting firms by establishing a partnership with clients built on trust, not on dependency. JLP?s style is highly facilitative and participative.This approach results in successful project or program implementation with a high degree of client ownership and a great deal of knowledge transfer. Many clients have expressed high satisfaction as they experienced first-hand how this approach provided them with a real competitive advantage and has resulted in greatly improved performance in their organizations.