AIMS International was represented at the International Human Resources Congress & Expo in Warsaw

The international Human Resources Congress in Warsaw took place on November 24-27, 2008. The topic of this congress was ?How to manage human capital so that it really contributes to the success of our organization?? Rolf Heeb, the President of AIMS International was one of the speakers during the congress. His topic was “International Recruitment vs. National Recruitment”. Monika Nowacka-Sahin from Management Observatory Foundation said: ?We invited experts from European countries and representatives from other continents to speak during the Congress. This initiated an interesting discussion about the most efficient way to search, regarding topics like employing legal entity, structure of the interview process or the renumeration package as well as neccessary documents or the importance of multi country searches. Details to the presentation can be asked for at Another key question of the congress was: “By means of what human management and human development management (HRM & HRD) activities can we build an organization based on people” The answers to these questions relating Talent Development and Training will be investigated by sharing the experiences of representatives of higher management staff, managers, recruiters and other specialists.