AIMS International Switzerland presents new service “Talent Pool”

by Grégoire Depeursinge, Global Practice Team Leader Industrial, Engineering & Logistics at AIMS International (Switzerland) Lt.

Become proactive in the war for talent!

Apart from classic Executive Search Services, AIMS International Switzerland now also proposes its Talent Pool Service which allows clients to shorten the replacement time for key functions. Talent Pool consists in the execution of a full search assignment up to the presentation of a sufficient number of suitable candidate profiles, but without direct contact between candidate and client. This ensures a faster replacement in case of need. Major features of Talent Pool are:

  • Anonymous
  • Gives a clear view of the market and the available talent
  • We will identify at least three suitable profiles and keep them up-to-date during one year
  • Candidates who are no longer available will be replaced by a new profile
  • This service is renewable on a yearly basis

The cost for this service corresponds to the full fee of a normal search assignment. An additional 40% are invoiced in case a candidate is hired.

Grégoire Depeursinge: this new service corresponds to a real customer need. We have been approached by several clients who wanted a similar service in the past and have decided to make this a standard offering. Response is very encouraging and we are convinced that this new service will fill a gap.

Please contact Grégoire Depeursinge for more information about Talent Pool.