AIMS International launches new Business Climate Analyzer: The ABCA

June 15th, 2011 –Vienna, Austria – Following an intensive poll with our global partners  worldwide, AIMS International, a preeminent Executive Search and Talent Management organization , launches a new Business Climate indicator. ABCA delivers a global insight into the business climate by industry segments.

Questions in the survey focused on past, present and expected business conditions,  going back the last 6 months and forecasting the next 6 months. The information provides a very useful trend analysis in 7 major business segments.“This poll delivers a quick insight in how various  industries will be trending ” comments AIMS International Global Teams Supervisor John Poracky.

The ABCA 2011/05 shows the following results:

1.    54% of the AIMS International partners and consultants evaluate the current state of business as good, 36% as middle and 10% as bad.

In the next ABCA 2011/10 there will be the option to compare the results.

2.    Allowing multiple answers, 74% of the polled companies realized significant business growth in the Industrial, Engineering and Logistics segments, 51% in FMCG, Retail and Luxury Goods industries, 41% in the energy field, 41% in the finance sector, 36% in IT and Telecom, 31% in Pharma, Health Care and Life Science, and 28% in the Automotive industry.

Analysing the information shows there  has been a reduction in Executive Positions filled in the Automotive industry than in the fields of Industrial, Engineering, Logistics or FMCG, Retail and Luxury Goods. is made

3.    Following the answers 64% of the companies increased their revenue during the last 6 months, 26% see their revenue as stable, 10% as decreased.

4.    90% of the AIMS partners evaluated their number of current projects as large or sufficient, only 10% as too small.

We view this  that the Executive Search industry has recovered from the latest recession.

5.    Asked for the forecast for the next 6 months 96% expect their business as stable or better, only 4% as worse.

The outlook for the rest of the year in terms of general business growth is very positive.