AIMS International India as part of the 2010 EU India summit (October the 6th Brussels)

The EU, with a 30 year-old engagement with India, is poised to leverage the opportunities provided by the India story by partnering its long-term business endeavours with inclusive and sustainable impact in political, economic, civil and diplomatic issues. For many European companies with a presence in India, this country is the most preferred business destination. EU entities contemplating participation in the India story are poised to gain miles globally in the form of competitive business advantages by leveraging India’s resources base, positive labour–capital trade, increase in consumerism and brand consciousness, lucrative government tax incentives and the excellent management and technical talent available, among others.

AIMS International – India can assist your company by giving you the competitive advantage in human capital. With our ‘client first’ approach, we will provide high quality executive search and recruitment services to ensure you have the right people for success.

Through our offices in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai, we have an efficient team of 25  management professionals supporting a wide range of clients including multinationals, transnationals, private equity firms and family-owned corporations. There is excellent scope for support programmes in Engineering, Health, Education, Environment and Energy, Technology etc. In this, India envisages a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the latest processes and technologies.

In the backdrop of India’s complex operating environment and socio-economic complexities, having an India business model, understanding local business culture, establishing long-term credibility and empowering capable local management teams is a key to success.