AIMS International group in Stockholm

Vienna, Stockholm – June 30, 2012

AIMS International is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Stockholm. Originally a business network established by three executive search consultants, over the years the organization was developed into a global partnership with 90+ offices in over 50 countries. AIMS International colleagues from all over the globe participate in the 2012 AGM.

Operated as a partnership of equals, AIMS enjoys several advantages. First and foremost, clients deal with owners rather than employees. This difference in motivation translates into tangible value-added: while integrated firms typically achieve placement quotas of 75 to 90 percent in positions filled vs. searches conducted, the respective AIMS rate is close to 100.

But there is yet another structural aspect: most integrated firms boasting global presence actually lack a vehicle to share their revenues across countries. As a result, their agents have an incentive to perform cross-border searches from afar and leave local colleagues out of the game: a subliminal tendency that can hardly be in the client’s best interest. Many client companies have therefore decided to work with a mix of global/integrated providers and local boutique firms.

Last but not least, AIMS saves clients both costs and time: First, by deliberately using ‘cold recruiting’: the organization’s experienced consultants just need to look at a resume to form an educated opinion – no need for costly database searches and IT-based evaluations. Second, by applying a standard process in which consultants perform a thorough evaluation as well as reference and background checks, psychological assessments and much more, before a hand-picked selection of truly qualified candidates are presented to the client.

Not surprisingly, AIMS International has been ranked among the global top 10 search firms for five consecutive years. The organization is determined to continue refining its success formula: According to current plans, a survey will be conducted among senior (supervisory) board members worldwide at market leading corporations to establish key requirements to successful board candidates. “On this basis”, says Christian Schulte, “we are sure to increase our board-level placement rates even further”.