AIMS International Denmark – Flensby & Partners A/S Hosts AIMS International’s EMEA Meeting In Copenhagen

Flensby & Partners A/S will host AIMS International’s EMEA meeting in Copenhagen on 2–4 December 2010. Joining AIMS consultants are some CEOs from regional corporations who want to compete globally. Keynote speakers include Mr. Hangscheng, Chinese Ambassador to Denmark, and Secretary General Tom Jensen, from the Danish Chinese Business Forum. Rasmus Grønning Hansen, Partner in Flensby & Partners Strategy Consulting, will provide his perspective on how Chinese growth can be used to develop differentiated business strategies. AIMS International’s President, Rolf Heeb, will then sum up specific opportunities that Chinese growth offers European companies.

The overall focus at the EMEA meeting will be to improve the possibilities for recruiting across borders. Companies have a growing demand for executives with international perspectives and are challenged to increase geographic diversity amongst their respective boards of directors. In that connection, a wide range of leaders from the largest companies will participate in workshops with AIMS International consultants.

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