AIMS International Annual General Meeting in Rome? AIMS Managers are used to the economical caution

During the week from June 25th to June 27th the AGM of AIMS International, one of the global leaders in the Executive Search Industry, took place in Rome at the Parco de Principi Hotel. As every year rules and strategies have been sucessfully fixed. Topics have been unemployment, job offers and the challenges and opportunities for growth in the labour markets. The forecasts are based on observations in more than 90 offices in more than 55 countries on 5 continents, which AIMS International conducts as global leading consultancy every year. The AIMS International partner in Italy solely deals with 70.000 Managers in the database of his company. In 2008 the international partnership has filled in 10.000 executive positions. Especially in India, China or Brazil the highest growth rates could be realized. Pierangelo Favero, Managing Director of AIMS International Italy commented the following regarding the current situation: ?The market happened to live through a hard downturn, but a lot of indicators show that the turning point is coming closer and a new upswing is to be expected. Especially the order situation of our large and important clients has become better since May 2009. Projects in Marketing, HR, Technology and Logistic industry are developing and the Pharma, Biotechnology and Renewable Energy Industries recover. This development is to be felt in Italy as well as in the beginning globally. We go through a sorrow crisis but all market participants are working hard to shift the lever and have a stable situation again. We look confident into the future.