AGM opening day in Brazil a great success

What is BRIC and what is in it for global organizations? 

Curitiba, Brazil – These were the central questions at the opening event of the Annual General Meeting of AIMS International, which takes place in the center of the Automotive Industry in the South of Brazil. Remarkable reactions were created through the presentation from Yoshio Kawakami, who is the President of Volvo Construction Material in Latin America.

First of all the audience found themself confronted with a clear  distinction between BRIC and BRICS. South Africa was recently moved into this composition of countries, but the manager distincted South Africa from the other BRIC countries.

The next surprising point was made explaining that BRIC was a kind of Marketing idea. There are no bilateral agreements existing between Brazil, Russia, India or China. But the pure repitition of the name BRIC attracted the interest of most business people without knowing much detail.

Nevertheless the conclusion from the business point of view is that if you want to grow your business, you have to be present in one or more of the mentioned countries. Evaluating risks and opportunities carefully being of course a precondition to such a move.