2nd issue of AIMS Int´l Business Climate Analyzer

August 17th, 2011 – Vienna, Austria – AIMS International, a preeminent Executive Search and Talent Management organization, has launched the second issue of its Business Climate indicator. ABCA delivers a global insight into the business climate by industry segments.

Questions in the survey focus on past, present and expected business conditions, going back the last 4 months and forecasting the next 4 months. The information provides a very useful trend analysis in 7 major business segments.

“Latest results show that this poll delivers a quick insight in how various industries have been and will be trending” comments AIMS International Global Teams Supervisor John Poracky.

The ABCA 2011/08 shows the following results:

1. 47% (? -7%) of the AIMS International partners and consultants evaluate the current state of business as good, 39% (? +3%) as middle and 14% (? +4%) as bad.

Compared to the ABCA 2011/05 the perception of the business situation is slightly worse.

2. Allowing multiple answers, 76% (? +2%)  of the polled companies realized significant business growth in the Industrial, Engineering and Logistics segments, 63% (? +12%) in FMCG, Retail and Luxury Goods industries, 26% (? -15%) in the energy field, 29% (? -12%) in the finance sector, 24% (? -12%) in IT and Telecom, 29% (? -3%)  in Pharma, Health Care and Life Science, and 24% (? -4%) in the Automotive industry.

Analysing the information shows there has been a significant increase in Executive Positions filled in the fields of FMCG, Retail and Luxury Goods, but significant decreases in the fields of Industrial, Engineering and Logistics, the Energy field, the finance sector and the IT and Telecom sector.

3. Following the answers 45% (? -19%) of the companies increased their additional revenue during the last 4 months, 50% (? +24%) see their revenue as stable, 5% (? -5%) as decreased. This shows that the positive dynamics in the revenue development slowed down since the last ABCA.

4. 71% (? -19%) of the AIMS partners evaluated their number of current projects as large or sufficient, 29% (? +19%) as not enough.

We view this as that the satisfaction of the entrepreneurs who take part in the poll sank significantly.

5. Asked for the forecast for the next 4 months 92% (? -4%) expect their business as stable or better, only 8% (? +4%) as worse. A small sign of less optimism. But looking at the answers more closely reveals that there has been a reduction (? -11%) of optimists who expect their business to be improving in the next 4 months.

The outlook for the rest of the year 2011 is stable.