AIMS International is blazing a trail of success in the MEA region. “With numerous executive level searches successfully concluded in no less than 24 different countries in the region in the last two years, we are expanding our market share at a rapid pace”, says Leonie Pentz, Vice President MEA for AIMS International. “We are fortunate to have Partners in the region who are leaders in search, most notably, within the FMCG, Construction, Telecoms, Industrial and Power industries.”

In addition, the AIMS model of pro-active Practice Groups in other areas such as Life Sciences and Board Services means clients can count on Partners all over the world to share their expertise and hone our recruitment team according to the clients’ requirements. This is a huge benefit for clients, as our Consultants are on point with current trends in first world countries. We are thus able to add real value to our local clients’ staff planning and research needs based on the information that is shared across these Practice Groups.

In addition to Executive Search services, we can offer relocation assistance in most African countries as well as valuable information on costs of employment for our European, American or Asian clients who are keen to enter the MEA market for the first time. MEA Partners all share the core expertise of recruiting for start-up teams and have thus become the go-to Executive Search Organisation for Investors to talk to. Egypt and Morocco stand out as completing the most Country Manager/ Director searches across various (mostly African) countries, a position typical to emerging economies with our office in Turkey short on their heels.

From our South African and Lebanon offices we offer value-added services such as Executive Coaching and Executive Payroll support, amongst others.

Grégoire Depeursinge, Executive VP for the EMEA region, is of the opinion that the AIMS Partnership model is the best in-practice model executive search firm for clients in first world countries who are considering investing in emerging economies; “With our expertise in both Eastern European and MEA markets and well-established reputable offices across first and third world economies combining their strength in a unique regional approach, there is no doubt that we offer an unrivaled service to clients who are serious about finding and growing their talent for bottom-line growth in emerging markets.”

Leonie Pentz, VP MEA

Board Services, core topic at the AGM 2015

Board Services, core topic at the AGM 2015

15th-18th 2015 June Vienna/Austria; Kempinski Hotel Budapest/Hungary

While last years’ General Assembly of AIMS International focused on defining the strategy vision 2017, this year´s focus was around the continued roadmap of its implementation and the Global Practise Team Expertise’s.

AIMS International has incorporated the specific industry experience and competencies of its outstanding consultants into Global Practice Teams who constantly update and exchange in-depth cross-border industry sector knowledge and market information. The first day of the AGM was dedicated to the latest addition to these practise teams, e.g. Board Services.

Three prominent presenters were invited to share their insights related to the Board Services topic: Dr Roger Barker, Director of Corporate Governance, Institute of Directors, talked about global and local Board Structures around the world, best practices, trends and issues. Mrs Beata Binek, President of the Polish Institute of Directors, talked about Emerging Markets changes in Boards and Mr György Szabo, ex CEO of SANOMA Hungary, shared his experience as a CEO working with Boards.

The following panel discussion with the presenters and Mr Daniel Ekberg (Sweden), President of AIMS International, and Mr Richard Joly (Canada), Vice President of AIMS International, key discussion themes included CEO and Board recruitment, CEO evaluation and CEO succession.

″Thank you Roger for your presentation. Now, we observe that governance is advancing on two fundamental fronts: diversity with more woman and ethics with more transparency. These two underpinnings of governance will favour the adoption of desired behaviours amongst global corporate leaders”, says Mr Richard Joly, Vice President of AIMS International.

Over 80 specially invited external guests attended the evenings Client Event further focusing on the Board Theme with the topic ”Women in Boards”. Mr Ferenc Pongrácz, President of AMCHAM, BD Executive SEE at IBM held a presentation about the topic of Female leaders in IBM.

This was followed by a panel discussion chaired by Mr Vilmos Benkö, ex-President of AMCHAM including Ms Edina Heal, Country Manager of Google, Ms Ágnes Fábián, President of Henkel, MD of Henkel, Ms Krisztina Varga, Regional Business Operations Manager SEE of HP and Ms Judit Zolnay, CEO of MetLife.

The four female leaders shared their experiences and agreed that being a female leader is in fact nothing to be discussed. They have to perform on the required level as they are assessed and honoured by fulfilling the expectations and meeting the target. Ms Edina Heal highlighted that the education, and especially to study IT, can determine the future opportunities for young girls. Ms Ágnes Fábián gives room for young talents to show their suitability and skills and Ms Krisztina Varga brought elements of the diversity within HP and practical advice. Ms Judit Zolnay supports and develops young talents and freshly appointed female leaders in various forms of training courses. They all agreed that progress can be reached if the society provides the room for changes and that the mind-set of changes starts within the families.

In the AGM two new AIMS International Board members were elected, Ms Cecilia Diaz (Mexico) and Ms Lenka Pisackova (Czech Republic), thus increasing the women share of Board members of AIMS International by 100%. The board members of the association are elected for a 3 year period.

The second day of the AGM was spent on the global and local roadmap enabling AIMS Internationals Strategy Vision 2017 globally.

The last day focussed on sharing border industry sector knowledge and market information between the 8 Global Practice Team Expertise areas: Automotive, Board Services (new), Energy, Financial Services, FMCG & Luxury goods, Industrial, IT & Telecom and Life Sciences.

Three new Partners introduced themselves to the rest of the organization at the AGM; China, Netherlands and Norway, which is a new Partner also of the newly formed AIMS International Scandinavia.

“This AGM was one of the most attended AGMs we have ever had. The hosting of our Hungarian unit was excellent and the event marked the start of the implementation of our new Strategy. We can clearly see that we are moving forward in the right direction”, says Mr Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International.



Corporate Communications

Susann Blybäck – International Coordinator AIMS International

+43 676 3014 350


About AIMS International (www.aimsinternational.com)
Incorporated in Vienna, Austria in 1992, AIMS International is an international executive search organization of independently owned and managed executive search firms who work collaboratively to execute executive search assignment for global clients around the world. AIMS International is represented by over 300 consultants in more than 80 offices in over 50 countries throughout all continents.



15th -18th June 2015 – Philadelphia – USA

As the world’s largest biotechnology gathering, the BIO Exhibition allows exhibitors to reach influential decision makers who come to BIO to discover new players in the industry, form partnerships and evaluate emerging technologies. This famous exhibition attracts attendees and exhibitors from thousands of organizations including world’s foremost biotech companies, top pharma companies and top CROs and CMOs, major research labs, famous academic institutions and government agencies.

AIMS International Global Lifesciences Team did a special mission attending the exhibition, bringing a team of experts from all Continents.

Bob Hennessy (AIMS US), Bernardo Entschev (AIMS US Florida & AIMS Brazil), Grégoire Depeursinge (AIMS Switzerland), Luis Truchado (AIMS Spain), Adarsh Matta (AIMS India) and Kan Nakamura (AIMS Japan) visited the exhibition from 15th to 18th June in Philadelphia.

During this mission our team had the opportunity to meet executive friends and clients and also further deepen their technical knowledge in the segment. All goals were reached: personal and corporate new relationships, business development, in-depth knowledge.

Also the team participated in the Bio One on One Partnering System that generated dozens of fruitful meetings with respected companies in the segment and the opportunity to demonstrate our unique ability to provide solutions and select top executives for this market worldwide.

AIMS International is proud to have a cutting edge global team and celebrates this unique and true global initiative.

AIMS Finland Client Bulletin

Dear Client and Partner,

AIMS Finland’s business operations have increased in profitability for five consecutive years. We have started the year 2015 vigorously, and the growth of our business operations has continued in accordance with our plans.

Changes and appointments in our company:

The company’s long-term managing director and partner, Mika Hiltunen, has decided to leave the employ of the company. Denis Mattsson has been appointed in his place. The transition will be implemented at the outset of the summer in a flexible manner, without any disturbance to client projects.

Denis Mattsson has functioned in the employ of AIMS Finland as a senior advisor and member of the Board of Directors since 2013, and before this he had a significant career in management tasks at FMCG and in the food industry sector, most recently as managing director of Scan AB in Sweden. Denis Mattsson will also continue as a member of the Board, and has been invited to become a partner in the firm.

Mika Hiltunen has successfully managed AIMS Finland since 2009, renewing the company and its business operations in accordance with the goals and strategy set by the Board of Directors. ”We would like to thank Mika for the significant contribution he has made on behalf of the company and our clients, and we hope that this successful cooperation will also continue in the future,” Aulis Kannisto, Chairperson of AIMS Finland’s parent company, asserts.

Markku Krutsin has been appointed senior consultant and a member of the management team as of 1 May 2015. He has enjoyed a long career in the food industry, wholesale and retail sales sectors. Markku is concentrating on Executive searches, resourcing and assessment projects in various organizational change and development situations. He has also been invited to become a partner in the firm.

Pasi Honkalahti has started in the employ of the company as a senior consultant starting 1 April 2015. Pasi has functioned for a long time in the Executive Search field. He has long experience in Executive search projects both in Finland and internationally. He is mainly concentrating on managing director-, management group- and administrative-related projects, and has accumulated experience from a variety of business sectors in both listed and family companies as well as in portfolio enterprises respective to their main shareholders.

Sanna Kröger started on 23 February 2015 as a Research Consultant and is focusing on candidate surveying in demanding Executive searches. Sanna has functioned for a long period of time in the Executive Search field. She is helping to consolidate AIMS Finland’s skilled and knowledgeable research team.

Merja Saranpää has started on 27 April 2015 as AIMS Finland’s financial and office assistant. She is in charge of current running matters at AIMS’ Helsinki office as well as the company’s financial management. Merja has previously functioned in demanding financial management assistant tasks.

AIMS Finland has moved to new premises in Helsinki’s central business district, address: Unioninkatu 20-22. You are welcome to visit and discuss how we are able to provide valuable support to your business resourcing.

You can find the telephone numbers and email addresses of our consultants on our website: www.aims.fi

Wishing you a pleasant and successful spring!

Denis Mattsson and the AIMS Team

EMEA Meeting 2015 – Diversity versus meritocracy, is there a conflict?

EMEA Meeting 2015 – Diversity versus meritocracy, is there a conflict?

Panel 4EMEA Meeting 2015 – Diversity versus meritocracy, is there a conflict?

AIMS International EMEA Regional Meeting  held in Milan, Italy, 20-21st March 2015.

The meeting was attended by regional AIMS International representatives as well as Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International. The majority of the meeting focused on the ”how” of AIMS Internationals Strategy Vision 2017 and it’s implementation in the EMEA region, setting the clients’ needs further into the focus.

AIMS International Italy operates nationwide with two offices, Milan and Rome, and a staff of 25 senior professionals led by Pierangelo Favero and Eleonora Chiodelli, Managing Partners of AIMS International Italy.

As a part of the meeting  a panel discussion with CEO’s and VP HR of leading Italian and multinational companies took place. AIMS International Italy, in charge of the event organization, was proud to involve some of their most prestigious clients and well known HR experts who had the chance to meet the EMEA AIMS Partners and Consultants and share their opinion and views about topics related to Business Consulting practices and future trends of the market.

Mr. Riccardo Carbucicchio, CEO Bausch & Lomb Italy, and Ms. Adele Genoni, VP and General Manager EMEA of ITW Welding, have established a long lasting professional cooperation with AIMS in Italy. Mr. Auteri, Senior VP HR of Denso Thermal System, and Mr. Ferrari, HR Director of Brembo, has had a positive cooperation with AIMS International not only in Italy, but in several countries where automotive productions are located, i.e. Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany and others.

The Panel members made very interesting contributions about Diversity led by Ms. Genoni, who brought to the audience her personal experience being a successful manager in a male oriented industry like welding.

The role of Mr.Valente was very valuable in describing the role of the Sourcing and Development department in an well established and international firm like Pirelli.

Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International, was also part of the panel bringing the AIMS vision for the next years. Roger Cater, Manging Partner AIMS International UK, facilitated the session.

The panel discussions were followed by a visit to the AIMS International office in Italy, downtown Milan in Corso Venezia 45, for the panel members and meeting participants to meet the Italian team.

It was a fruitful regional meeting, including very interesting client discussions and views about future needs of our services in light of the changing needs of the market , says Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International.


Corporate Communications

Susann Blybäck – International Coordinator AIMS International

+43 676 3014 350


About AIMS International: GLOBAL EXECUTIVE SEARCH AND TALENT MANAGEMENT. Amongst the top 10 Executive Search firms in the world for the last five years. Our clients benefit from high quality and fully integrated services in Retained Executive Search and Talent Management in all parts of the world where they operate. Daniel Ekberg, President: “AIMS International’s business model is different. The partners of well established firms in all mature and several emerging countries joined together to create a partnership dedicated to the highest quality standards. The power of AIMS International lies in the fact that each partner has high accountability for achieving results and our clients benefit from a truly international approach irrespective of country borders. Our Executive Board ensures that our high quality standards are met in every country in which we operate. A high performance organization requires recognition and response to clients’ needs. AIMS International’s global key account management system provides each client with the individualized service it requires. ”