krutsin_markku_2 mv käännettyMarkku Krutsin

Tel: +358 400 504 086

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Markku Krutsin (M.Sc. Economics, MBA) works as a CEO and a partner at AIMS Finland. He also acts as a member of the management team. His areas of expertize are Executive Search and organization development projects at executive level.  He has over 20 years’ experience in the business management world as both a corporate executive and a business area leader. His sphere of responsibility has comprised of the comprehensive management of business activities and distribution channels including FMCG retail business, food service business and BtoB industrial business.

web mv Sanna Kröger (1)

Sanna Kröger

Tel: +358 40 506 1856

E-mail: firstname.lastname (at)

Sanna Kröger works as a Senior Consultant and Partner in executive search with AIMS since 2015. Her solid executive search background from working in executive research for 15 years in leading retained executive firms, gives her an edge to serving clients in several fields. Sanna has an MBA (Digital Technology Management) degree from Aalto University. Sanna’s wide experience comes from working with various industries and international clients as a generalist delivering excellence. Sanna is a member of Global Industrial and Life Sciences Practice Group in Aims International.

Dennis Mattsson MV webDenis Mattsson

Tel: +358 400 432 877

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Denis Mattsson works as a Senior Consultant in AIMS Finland and specializes in global business and organization development projects at executive level. He holds an MBA and has extensive experience in the food industry and retail sector. Mattsson held the position of Managing Director of Scan AB as well as the Executive Vice President of HKScan´s business areas in Scandinavia before joining AIMS Finland.

Titta Tuulos mv webTitta Tuulos

Tel: +358 40 518 7400

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Titta Tuulos (M.Sc Social Psychology) has worked within recruitment and consulting industry since 2000. She has expertise in assessments related to recruitments as well as assessment projects related to M&A’s or other organizational restructuring. She has participated in various recruitments and assessments both in Finland and globally. Titta works as a Senior Consultant and Partner at AIMS Finland.

Mikko Virta mv webMikko Virta

Tel: +358 50 568 1484

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Mikko Virta (MSc. Business) works as a Senior Consultant and Partner in AIMS Finland where he focuses on Executive Search, Assessment Projects and Management Team/Board Audits. Previously, Mikko has held various Business, Sales and Delivery Management Roles in a Global HR Consulting Company. He has worked with Clients spanning across number of Industries e.g. Banking, Insurance, Investment, ICT, Pharmaceutical and Public Sector organizations.

Janne Hassi

Tel: +358 050 582 8342

E-mail firstname.lastname (at)

Janne Hassi (Bc.Bus) works as a Senior Consultant in Executive Search at AIMS Finland. Due to his 25 years experience in business technology and digital transformation, Janne has a solid understanding of current business needs. He has background in sales- and business management from companies like Fujitsu, Four Leaf and HP.

Janne has a business college degree, further studies in Aalto Executive Education and Sofigate’s Business Technology program. The wide experience provides him ability to support various industries and clients in the changing digital business era.

David Nuutinen

Tel: +358 40 778 3043

E-mail firstname.lastname (at)

David Nuutinen works at Aims Finland as a Senior Consultant. He focuses on executive search, management audits and business mentoring. David comes from the FMCG Industry and has over a 20 year period, both in Finland and internationally, held executive positions such as CEO, Area President, Commercial Director, Operations Director in companies operating in food and drinks sectors. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, strategy execution, driving business growth and building winning teams.

David has studied economics and business administration at the Helsinki School of Economics and Manchester Business School. He holds a Master´s Degree. Besides executive roles in the FMCG Industry, David has served on several company boards. He has most recently been active in management consulting cases supporting companies in business strategy and process development, business plan execution and management team development.

Maija Talvinen-Strengell

Tel: +358 40 088 3966

E-mail firstname.lastname (at)

Maija Talvinen-Strengell works at AIMS Finland as a Senior Consultant. Maija has twenty years of experience as a business management consultant and a lot of experience and perspectives of the requirements of various business operations and executive management, and concrete methods to develop them. This experience is very beneficial and useful to the customers. Before coming to AIMS, Maija established Wilma Consulting and worked several years as an entrepreneur. Maija has worked in the industry as a partner, senior consultant and as the executive member of two global recruitment industry companies. Maija has diverse experience in managing hundreds of demanding recruitments and audit projects in Finland and internationally.

Maija has B.Sc in Logistics, materials and supply chain and her clients have been in the industrial sector.

Djingis HongellDjingis Hongell

Tel: +358 40 755 8059

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Djingis Hongell (M.A., Psychology) works as an Assessment Consultant and Licensed Psychologist at AIMS Finland. He has former experience from Occupational health psychology and educational assessment.


mona_lisa_forsten 2 mv

Mona-Lisa Forstén

Tel: +358 50 336 9889

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Mona-Lisa Forstén works as a Research Consultant at the Helsinki office. Mona-Lisa has been working with executive search since 1996 and she has various experience of demanding assignments in top management. Mona-Lisa is graduated from Commercial College (B.Sc. level).

Kristina Elfving

Tel: +358 40 5824 503

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Kristina Elfving works as a Research Consultant at AIMS International Finland. She has several years of experience in the field of marketing within FMCG and retail industries.  Before joining AIMS in December 2018, she worked  with executive search assignments at another company.Kristina´s field of expertise: FMCG and Construction. She is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English.

työkuva 1Kiia Svahnbäck

Tel: +358 40 620 3520

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Kiia Svahnbäck (M. Sc., Econ.) started working with executive search cases’ research at AIMS Finland in the beginning of October. She’s been in the industry for over six years. Kiia is on a study leave during 2019.

External advisors

Seppo Paatelainen

Tel: +358 400 661 742

E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

Seppo Paatelainen, M. Sc. (Agr. & For.) and Honorary Counsellor, has worked in demanding executive duties for over 25 years, of which 15 as the CEO of the listed company Atria. He has profound experience integrating the implementation of major structural reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions in Finland with that in foreign business environments, particularly in Sweden and Russia. Seppo retired from Atria in the beginning of 2006 and has since participated in several projects within his area of competence.